Monday, May 26, 2014


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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Seeing The Potential

     Jesus has been speaking to me the last few weeks about {LOVE}. He is softly whispering into my heart that He fully encompasses the word love. Without Jesus this word is void of meaning, but what is the meaning of love? Is it a fathers love, a family love, a romantic love, or an unconditional love. As I ponder this word I start to realize what Jesus sees when He loves. I pray and I believe that one day I will see this word as He meant it to be seen.
{One of my favorite parts of spring because when a dandelion is bare and crushed they are being most effective. In my humanness HE is made strong. When I have nothing but Him I am living on Faith and then He can move mountains!}

     A few days ago I read an amazing quote by Steve Backlund. (I don't even know who this man is, but this quote is worthy of regard despite who he is or what he believes.) The quote says this, "Once you stop believing in people, you stop being a leader". I was stopped in my tracks when I read this. How often do I judge, condemn, and lecture, when I really just need to take a breath and love like Jesus. 

     This revelation has taken me to an account in John 4. The scandalous love of Jesus is portrayed in a such a beautiful way in this passage. He calls the women out for her sin, but in that same moment as her heart is turned to Him, He says go and tell the others. From the moment she was highlighted by the Spirt, He knew her {POTENTIAL}. He never doubted what the Spirit said, He never lost sight of her destiny, calling or inheritance.  
      I want to love in this scandalous way. Oh that I would never lose sight of the potential each soul possesses. When Jesus sees the lost wondering around purposeless He does not see their death, He sees their worth, and their incredible potential.
     I'm so excited, because as this revelation is taking place, He is showing me again the beauty of the nations. He is sending {US} His sons and daughters, to go and call the purposeless into their full potential. The heart cry of the Father is that ALL would KNOW WHO THEY ARE, that they would KNOW THEIR POTENTIAL, that they would KNOW REAL LOVE THAT SEE WHAT COULD BE NOT WHAT IS!!!!  
{Because I'm learning WHO I AM. I am a warrior, strong and ready to fight, He has prepared my hands and fingers for battle. The gates of hell will NOT prevail. I will press on, I will keep going, I will climb mountains. I am HIS princess and He will protect and guide His beloved one}

     Jesus, open my eyes to see the world as it could be. Let me speak over souls their destiny to be yours. Revel to the world who they are and who they were meant to be. Allow me the privilege of loving scandalously as You! I will live out Matthew 22:37-40
{Because He is the journey and the destination. Without Him neither exists.}

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Goodness Of My God

     There are no words to adequately describe the last week. All I can say is my Jesus loves me, provides for me, and confirms His calling in the most wonderful ways! Exactly one week ago tonight I posted a letter stating Jesus is opening doors for my feet to walk where they are destined to go.  My biggest fear in saying "Yes" to the journey has been the finances. After this week I have no doubt in my mind but that He will be providing all the money I need. He has brought in almost $2000 in the last week, and I know He is going to provide the rest!!!

     Sunday afternoon, as I was reading down by the river, Jesus reminded me that birds don't worry about where they will rest, what they will eat, or what they will wear. So why do I, who is so much more precious to the Father, allow my heart to become entangled with a yoke of anxiety? I believe that when Jesus opens doors, He WILL provide all that is needed! My job is to rest in His presence and follow His gentle promptings! 

     I got a bit more information this week about my journey starting in September. It looks like I will be spending a large part of my time working in refugee camps. Jesus has already started speaking to my heart how He wants to use me in these camps. I'm thrilled and honored to be used by Jesus to be His hands and feet of love. 

     Please continue to pray for God's provision and direction as I head out on this journey. The next few months are sure to be filled with the business of fund raising so please pray that Jesus would strengthen me to keep going. 

Thanks for all the love, support and prayers!!! 

For more information this the new journey please see last weeks post. --> Last Weeks Post

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Synopsis

Dear Friends & Family

     I’ve often viewed my life as a story being written in a beautiful, vintage journal. Written in old flowing handwriting, by the one and only Author. He takes time with every detail; every word is placed where He wants. The seasons of pain and joy are written with emotion. Some places are marked with tears, while others are filled with the vibrancy of various colors. He knows the end from the beginning, but He enjoys writing it moment by moment so I can learn and grow.

     This part of my story started when I was ten years old and my family traveled to Mexico. {Actually it may have started much earlier, but this is when I first remember getting a piece of His beautiful heart}. We were visiting Mexico with a few of the men who worked for my dad. One day I saw a destitute family living in a cardboard box and my heart was broken for their situation.  Those three weeks were some of the most pivotal moments of my life. Jesus revealed to my heart His unconditional, unending {LOVE}, and His voice calling ALL to sonship. As clear as yesterday, I recall telling Jesus, “I will live my life to tell people about you. Someday I will live somewhere like this and love people for you Jesus.” 

     Around age twelve I learned about prostitution and human trafficking. Again, Jesus let me have a bit of His heart. He showed me the restoration and healing He longed to bring to the hurting and abused. It was also around this time I discovered Isaiah 6:8. My everyday prayer became “Here I am Lord, Send Me. I will go where your say, I want to be used by you.” Beyond a shadow of a doubt I knew God had marked my life for the hurting to find the Healer, the hopeless to find Hope, and the story-less to find the Author. 

     After I completed high school this Author wrote in chapters of travel, adventures, and journeys. Each trip my heart only grew to see more of the world as He sees it. Spare hours were spent researching and praying for unreached, and closed countries. In my heart a dream was being formed. A vision that is impossibly big, laughable, and yet….with Jesus totally doable. 

     During these journeys Jesus started putting sparks in my heart for the Muslim world. He spoke to me about the blessing He gave Ishmael: a blessing for prosperity and a call for radical, passionate revival. I read Isa 60:7, and a picture of the nations of Islam coming to know Jesus was implanted in my heart. His beautiful house becomes {MORE} beautiful with their acceptance. Abba Father is calling, all men to be His full adopted children. 

     So here I am, a character in this crazy story called life. I’m ready to be a harvester in these white fields that are ready for harvest. As this story continues the Author has opened the door to another journey. 

     Starting in September I will be doing a Discipleship Training School with Youth With A Mission. During this DTS I will learn how to effectively communicate the Gospel with the Muslim world. After our classes I will spend two months in a Middle Eastern country working in refugee camps, redlight districts, and sharing the love and compassion Jesus has for the hurting.  


     I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is calling me to take this next step in training and preparation. This brings me to the hardest part of the journey: fund raising. YWAM requires that all students and missionaries raise their own support. This encourages friends and family to be invested both in prayer and finances. Prayer is ultimately the biggest need in missions, so please be praying for me on this journey. If Jesus prompts you to be involved financially I would be humbled and blessed. This is all for His glory!

In Christ,

Brittany Lavy

12408 W. National Rd
New Carlisle, Ohio 45344
(937) 572-6394

Saturday, December 14, 2013


In my twenty-one years of life, God has taken me though many seasons. {Spring} with the newness of His presence and Holy Spirit, {Summer} when everything was beautiful and growing, {Fall} when the colors of all He was doing took my breath away. Then {Winter} the time of wilderness and pressing into His heart when all emotions and feeling said He was not reachable.

I'm in a winter season. My life looks different then I want. Jesus keeps gently reminding me that He made the wilderness seasons too. This period of my life is all about leaning on Jesus. It’s about pursing His heart and pressing in.  Slowly, with great patience Abba is reveling the beauty of the winter…Not only the winter of the soul but the winter of Ohio ;). 


{"Daughter, 1000 hours worshiping me is more important the touching one life. I am more important then people...As you lift me high I will draw the hurting after MY heart. Just say {YES} to my calling. Don't lose sight of the anointing I've placed in your soul. Follow my leading and I will {MOVE}" 

So I will continue to say {YES} to Jesus. Even in the winter season.


Sunday, February 24, 2013


     It has been at little over two months since I arrived back to America, and already I'm struggling to feel content. Each day I ask God for a job, an opportunity, and for {HIS} will to be manifested in my life. What I'm slowly starting to realize is God it taking me on a journey of [CONTENTMENT]. As I'm striving endlessly to {DO} God is softly whispering, "just be with {Me} Brittany, lay back in {My} arms and rest, sit at {My} feet and learn all you can from this period of your life". Jesus wants me to soak in Him by spending time in His presence. 
     I'm reading a book by James Goll called "The Lost Art of Practicing His Presence". This quote stuck me deeply, [Bible study is very important to us as Christians, but in the end it accomplishes little if it does not lead us into a {personal encounter} with the Divine Author. It is about less of me and more of {HIM}. Again I'm reminded that it is all about Jesus and not about Bree. I'm so filled with selfishness that I can completely miss the most important part about my Jesus Time, {encountering Jesus Himself}. I too easily forget that my time with God is about a relationship with {HIM} and not just a daily routine. 
     My prayer this week is that I will act on the divine appointments that God sends my way, and the remaining time will be spend allowing Jesus to live {HIS} life through me. I hope that at the end of next week I can look back and truly say I was filled with peace and contentment, KNOWING that I spent the week just as Abba Father wanted me to {sitting at His feet abiding in Him, resting in His presence, and waiting in stillness on His call}. 
{I have calmed and quieted my soul} ~ Psalm 131:2a

Monday, February 11, 2013

{Pressing In}

{Those who wait upon the [LORD] shall renew their strength} ~ Isa 40:31a

     Leaving the {Bible school Bubble} has been very challenging for me and my walk with God. While I was there it was easy to wait on the movement of the Spirit, but now that I'm back into the life of comfortable AMERICA I find it difficult to press in. Fighting complacency has become a daily battle. My flesh does not want to press into Jesus...I don't want to rest...I want a job so I can be dependent on myself instead of {Waiting} on Jehovah Jireh to take care of my needs. God is continually reminding me that HE delights in providing for me. He does not want me to be dependent on myself, a job, or others...He longs for me to cling and rest in His strength. 

{But from there you will {SEEK} the [LORD] your (GOD) and you will {FIND} Him if you search after Him with your {WHOLE} heart and with your soul.} ~ Deut 4:29

     This week, I choose Jesus...allowing myself to be caught in the movement of the Spirit. Complacency does not have a hold over my life because I am a child of the one and only LIVING God! He has delivered me and set my feet free to {DANCE} without dignity. Pressing in is the new theme of my life

{For you are a people {HOLY} to the [LORD] your God and the [LORD] has {CHOSEN} you to be a people for His {TREASURED} possession, out of {ALL} the peoples who are on the face of the earth} ~ Deut 14:2 

I choose Him because He first chose me and loved me. 

Resting at the feet of Jesus,