Monday, April 16, 2012

Food...The End

     It starts around age 11 at Teen Camp/Youth Camp (name dependent on being said by a camper or by a chap), and continues through Canoe Trip, Annual Meeting, California Camp and so on. Because this is such a tradition we felt that the Michigan Trip needed to carry it on. Therefore, our theme song was Strong Love by Jon Thurlow. ------> <--------- I wish we had a recording of us singing it. 

Every time we played this song dancing, singing, and hand motions broke out!

It was the before and after song or worship time

GAMES!!!!! Many were brought, only one was played. We decided to play Quelf it was very fun at first...until someone got the laughing much fake laughter. :) 

BACON...Apparently, I'm the ONLY person on the face of the earth who does not think bacon should be part of every meal....

So much junk

SHRIMP....Now thats a food that should be part of EVERY meal.

Pepper Poppers....and Olives

Fruit and combo EVER

She was writing her love as we waited, and waited, and waited for the water tank to drain....look at that face lol

On the road home

Beautiful friends

We were tired on the way home...and all slept some

We stopped at Panera and got some decent food. None of us water to do fast food again

Another beautiful sky

     This trip was an amazing blessing. We had some crazy times and some faith growing worship time. Testimonies were shared, some funny and some hard. Father, thank you for being present during our trip. It was sad to come home, but at the same time, we were all ready. Maybe 20 years down the road we can do it again. :) Girls, you are an amazing gift from God. Truly, I can't imagine where I would be in life without your friendship. I'm so thankful about what the Father is doing in each of your lives. Hannah, thank you for being a strong friend, someone trustworthy and caring. God has great things in store for you. I'm so excited to see where He leads you in the coming years. You CAN/WILL make it through nursing school with excellent grades!!! Abbey Girl, it has been soooo fun to get to know you better. I love how God has brought us closer....True sisters in Him. Thanks for your encouragement, and caring about my heart. Praying as you continue in school and life. Courtney, I'm so sad to not be here for your big day, but I'm soooo excited for you. Praise Jesus for the work He has done in your life. Thanks for being a faithful friend, one I can ALWAYS count on. You bless me. Last but NOT least...Lauren Joe. You're going to be a mama!!!!!!!!  I'm so excited for you guys. You will be amazing parents. I can't wait to meet that bebe girl Bowman. You have been such an example to me of a wife and proverbs 31 women. You are truly following what God asks of a women and wife. Girls, I love you all. Sad summer 2011 had to come to an end...maybe we can visit it again soon. Blessings in the coming months, Bree

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